2 Tons of Iron Beam Were Hoarded Under the House of a Broker

Since the steel beam has high strength, it performs the task of transferring the load of the building and the pressure to the column well.

For example, the secondary iron beam is connected to the main beams and perform the task of transferring the load to the columns.

In general, the use of rebar in building construction and the selection of its type and number is done according to the building plan and design and related calculations.

Application of types of steel beams in construction
The types of beams that we introduced above differ in appearance and mechanical properties.

For this reason, each of them is suitable for specific environmental conditions and structures, which we will introduce below:

Due to the high mass of the wings, IPE beams have more resistance efficiency (basis of section / weight per unit length) than other beams.


This type of beam, which is also called ordinary beam, is one of the most widely used beams in construction.

The reason for that is that the structures built in Iran are designed based on European standards (the same IPE beam construction standards), hence this type of beam is particularly popular in building construction.

Another reason for the popularity of IPE beam is its use in the formation of truss and honeycomb bridge in the roof of the building.

IPE beam
INP beams are the older type of rolled beams and are less economical than IPE beams, and today their use is limited compared to IPE. It is better to use these beams when less wing width is needed.

Also, this type of beam is used when there is a high shear force or when there is a need for a large thickness of the wing in the vicinity of the beam.

INP beam
IPB beam is one of the most widely used beams to control shear forces and bending moment. The special use of IPB beams or its beams are in sheds, large commercial complexes, etc.

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