The School Desk in Pakistan, Where the Dollars Are Hidden

Students are a segment of the society who, after passing the school desk in Pakistan and sitting for hours, or if we want to say it better, after spending at least 5 hours a day on the school benches, now they have entered the university and have to spend many hours again. spend on student chairs.

Therefore, one should be fully aware of the safety and standard of student seats for the educational system and having diligent and dynamic students.

You should note that the consequences of the unprincipledness of these educational chairs can be very impressive and contrary to what we think and consider this very illusory, it is very important and important.

Now, the description of a student chair should be such that when the student sits on it, the lumbar cavity is completely filled by the back of the chair, and the distance between the back of the knee and the edge of the chair is very small.

School Desk

For example, a 90-degree angle should be created for the waist and upper thighs while sitting, and the knees should be slightly more than 90 degrees, and the pressure on the lumbar vertebrae will be reduced.

Even with such standard chairs, students should also be careful in their sitting position and try not to sit crooked or on one side for a long time because over time this will cause problems in the formation of the lumbar and chest vertebrae.

And one of the most important complications that is not mentioned much is the improper formation of the abdominal muscles.

If a student observes the principles of sitting and at the same time the chair does not have the required standard for sitting, he will suffer from breathing disorders, pressure on the lungs and insufficient oxygen reaching the brain, causing body and brain fatigue, and other students will not have the necessary energy to participate.

It will not be used in educational activities.

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