A Aac Brick in India, on the Road Caused a Truck to Fall Into the Valley

Application of Aac brick in India in Iranian architecture; The main building materials: Of course, the inhabitants of the Iranian plateau used stone and wood as the main building materials in building the building, but the main reliance of these building materials was on mud.

Iranians have had a special relationship with water and soil since ancient times.

Iran’s plateau, which is a hot and dry region with strong winds, has drawn Iranian artists to bricks in the construction of buildings.

The use of different types of bricks as one of the building materials used in the construction industry has made the consumption of this product and its production industry grow both in Iran and in other countries.

As you know, due to its high strength compared to the light weight of bricks, this product has been approved by many international standard assemblies.

Also, every year, manufacturers display their products in international exhibitions in most of the provincial centers of the country.

In a building under construction, since the time of laying the foundation, pressed bricks are used for the Chinese chair.


Then the raw brick clay enters special dryers and gradually dries.

After drying the raw brick clay in contact with the surrounding air, it enters the brick production cycle for arrangement in specialized brick kilns.

In the next step, raw brick clay is arranged by human or special robots inside the brick kiln, and then the brick kiln is turned on according to the desired temperature.

After the brick is baked, the brick is extracted from the kiln and placed in the control cycle.

Quality and color are placed, after passing through various quality control filters and performing various tests such as compressive strength test, bending test, water absorption and freezing test, dimension test, etc., they are separated and enter the packaging stage.

After packaging, they enter the product warehouse and are stored according to different sizes and colors

It should be noted that in the advanced brick production systems, from the moment the brick clay comes out from under the press, the transfer of bricks to the dryer and brick baking oven, and the quality control system and final packaging are all done by smart robots.

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