A Fly Ash Brick that Never Breaks

Fly ash brick is one of the oldest building materials used in Iran.

For thousands of years, mankind has learned how to cook and make it.

The historical monuments of Iran show that Iranians have used bricks extensively in their constructions.

According to the statistics related to the general population and housing census of 2015, it is clear that more than 60% of ordinary residential units in the urban areas of Iran are made of bricks and iron.

The obtained statistics indicate that more than 40% of the normal residential units in the whole country are made of bricks.

In addition to Iran, it is widely used in the construction industry in advanced western countries.

More than 6000 million brick molds are produced in England every year.

Bricks can be seen in Mesopotamian cities.


It has played an essential role in Iranian architecture, especially in historical and Islamic periods.
Until the last few decades and before the use of new building materials, it was part of the main and basic building materials of construction.

Among the prominent brick buildings of Iranian architecture, we can mention Firozabad Palace, Sarvostan Palace, Qaboos Dome Tower and many towers, mosques and buildings of the Islamic era.

Brick was used as a decorative-utility building material in buildings.

We can see the peak of the art of brickwork in the Seljuk and Ilkhanid periods.

Soltanieh dome is one of the masterpieces of Ilkhani brick architecture.

Perhaps the transformation of clay into bricks can be attributed to the first human discoveries.

After lighting the fire, early humans realized that the clay around the fire became extremely hard and resistant after being heated.

Seeing this property, they started heating the clay so that the foundation of the clay-brick structures emerged after a human resettlement.

The special property of brick in creating insulation and preserving energy, especially in the summer season to keep the environment cool, made it used more for the construction of water tanks, bathrooms and caravanserais.
Iranians used bricks since ancient times.

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