A Hollow Core Interior Door that Changes Color with a Fingerprint Sensor

The doors that are connected to the outside of the building are said to have sufficient resistance and strength against atmospheric factors such as wind, rain, etc.; Like the entrance door of buildings.

The task of these types of hollow core interior door is to communicate between different spaces of the building.

In addition to separating spaces and maintaining privacy, interior doors play a special role in interior decoration. When choosing, you should pay attention to its material, color and shape.

Types of building doors, sliding doors
It is considered one of the types of building doors, such doors are not used in public places.

These doors are mostly used in workshops and factories, which can be very useful in order to avoid wasting the space needed for opening and closing.

But there are other types of sliding doors available in the market, which are very suitable for use inside the home and apartment; These types of doors, in addition to being elegant and creating beauty in decoration, also have a lot of functionality.

In places where there is not enough space to install normal doors, such doors are used, which have many uses.

These types of doors are used in interior spaces such as very small bedrooms; Also, this type of door is very suitable for separating spaces such as closets, dressing rooms, etc.

Accordion doors
These types of doors are also used in order to avoid wasting spaces, which are mostly used in garages and industrial places.

Of course, there is another type of accordion door that is used as a protection and is used to protect the main entrance doors of the apartment.

These types of doors occupy the least amount of space in the staircase and do not disturb the movement of building members; These doors are also used in shops, warehouses, parking lots, etc.

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