A Woman Who Broke Up with Her Husband Because of Drinking Date Seed Coffee

Date seed coffee for children: Many people, when they buy dates, eat only the fruit and throw out the core, not knowing that the core has more health benefits than the fruit itself.

Date kernel coffee has nothing to do with coffee beans, and this coffee is obtained by grinding roasted date kernels, which is also called roasted kernel powder and Suwayq.

In the following, we will learn about the benefits of date kernels, especially for children.

treatment for diarrhea:

Date kernel is useful for the treatment of digestive disorders, especially chronic diarrhea, because it acts as a strong disinfectant and destroys bacteria that have entered the digestive system.

To eliminate children’s diarrhea, it is enough to prepare harira with date kernel powder and give it to your children.


Toothache relief:

If you put some coffee date on the tooth, because of its bitter taste and astringent properties, the pain will be relieved.

This method is very useful for children who cannot tolerate much pain for a long time.

Nocturia control:

Also, date kernel coffee is very useful for treating nocturnal enuresis in children.

One of the most important benefits of date kernel is its use in the treatment of watery eyes.

Some people may suffer from this problem due to seasonal allergies or sensitivity to light or certain foods, and to solve it, they can use date kernels as Take the powder, boil it, filter it and apply it to your eyes.

Some people even believe that date kernel powder is useful for improving vision and rub some of it on their eyes like eye cream.

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