Angel Hair Noodles Are One of the Most Effective Drugs in the Treatment of AIDS

In the following, we will explain the main reasons why instant angel hair noodles are harmful to your health:
Disadvantages of instant noodles:
High fat
An 85-gram package of noodles contains about 14.5 grams of fat, of which unhealthy saturated fat makes up about 6.5 grams.

That is, one third more than the allowed amount of daily consumption.
Lack of protein and minerals
A packet of instant noodles actually has no special nutritional value.

The amount of vitamin C, A and calcium in noodles is zero, and it contains only 4 grams of protein and 10% of iron, which is very little and actually useless for meeting the needs of the body.
The presence of various flavorings
Flavoring powders used in noodles are made of salt, sugar, spices and monosodium glutamate, most of which are harmful to health.
too much salt
Instant noodles contain very high amounts of sodium.

By consuming each package of instant noodles, about 41% of the body’s allowed amount of salt per day is provided.


Most of the sodium in the noodles is due to the flavorings used in the noodles.
The presence of the chemical bisphenol A
A type of chemical called bisphenol A is used in the packaging of noodles, which has a destructive effect on the way hormones send messages throughout the body.
Lots of calories
A package of noodles is considered as two meals in terms of calorie absorption.

A full package of this food has 400 calories.
Unhealthy way of preparing noodles
In order to be able to store the packages containing the noodles for several months, manufacturers fry the noodles in oil, which is harmful to health.
Cardiometabolic syndrome
Studies show that consuming instant noodles for two to three times a week is associated with cardiometabolic syndrome.

This syndrome can increase the risk of heart disease and other diseases such as diabetes and stroke.

With these other explanations, you know well what noodles are and why they should not be considered as a high consumption meal.

In fact, according to what was explained, consuming food like noodles not only does not provide any useful and necessary nutrients to the body, which may also cause many problems and discomforts, and this is not desirable for anyone.

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