Best Motor Oil Was the Prize of the Champion of the Rally Track

Types of best motor oil
As it was said, today engine oils are produced and marketed in different types.

The difference in the production method of different types of engine oil will lead to the difference in their performance. This vital vehicle fluid is divided into three important categories, based on the type of production, which are:

Fully synthetic engine oil
Fully synthetic motor oils are completely manufactured in a laboratory with chemicals.

These oils are pure and increase the performance of your car engine to the highest level.

This type of engine oil reduces vehicle fuel consumption and is more efficient than other engine oils; Of course, their cost is also higher than other types of oils.

Characteristics of synthetic oil:
Reducing car fuel consumption
Prevent wear of car parts
Less impurity than other oils
Maintaining the properties of the oil and requiring less replacement
Increase engine life
Resistance to heat and heat
Semi-synthetic engine oil
Semi-synthetic engine oil is a combination of synthetic and conventional oil.

Motor Oil

These types of oils also protect the moving parts of the engine well and their performance is much better than mineral oils. Of course, you should also pay attention to the fact that these oils do not have all the characteristics of fully synthetic oils and they have a lower price compared to them.

Characteristics of semi-synthetic oil:
A mixture of fully synthetic and mineral oils
Cheaper price than all synthetic oils
Poorer performance than fully synthetic oils
Better performance than mineral oils
Mineral engine oil (regular)
The main base of this type of oil is crude oil and they are produced from the combination of hydrocarbon base oils, polyinternal olefin and polyalpha olefins.

This engine oil has the most basic protection criteria for the car engine and due to its low viscosity, it causes leakage in the car engine.

Therefore, this oil is used for cars with a simple engine design or for sealing the car’s engine.

The price of this type of oil is cheaper than other types.

Conventional oils cannot protect the car engine in extreme cold or heat and lose their efficiency in very high or very low temperatures.

In addition, normal oils should be changed after traveling 4000 km, which is not very economical.

Features of mineral oil (normal):
cheap price
Need to replace in the short term
Suitable for old and simple engines
Inability to reduce engine heat
For more information, you can read the article “Types of engine oil”.

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