British People Destroyed Corona by Using Papaya Soap in Saudi Arabia

Soap conditioners: All soaps remove the fat layer of the skin.

But it is not only fat that contains pollution that is removed; But the natural fat layer of the skin, which is important for skin protection, is also removed.

In this way, due to the use of soap, by removing the natural fat layer, the skin becomes dry.

The loss of the protective layer of the skin increases the possibility of irritation and inflammation of the skin.

For this reason, soaps contain moisturizing ingredients such as lanolin, glycerin and various vegetable fats.

These materials leave a protective layer on the skin to neutralize the drying effect of soap; But both the function of the soap itself in removing fat and rinsing the skin causes the soap’s moisturizers to be washed off the skin as well.

Therefore, after using Papaya soap in Saudi Arabia , there is not much moisturizer left on the skin, and people who tend to have dry skin should use moisturizing creams or ointments and not just moisturizing soaps.

Soaps for oily skin: These soaps have the minimum amount of moisturizing.

In addition, they contain surfactants that have a special effect in removing the fat layer of the skin.


Generally, the use of moisturizer should be based on the type of skin.

People with dry skin should use moisturizing soaps.

On the other hand, it is not necessary or even wise for people with oily skin and those with acne to use soaps containing moisturizers.

Clear soaps: Another type of soap that contains humectants usually has a higher concentration of glycerin or different sugars.

The upper part of glycerin makes the soap transparent.

Some dermatologists believe that glycerin absorbs skin water; As a result, it causes dry skin in some cases.

For this reason, some clear soaps contain additional moisturizers.

In general, clear soaps are mild soaps.

Perfumes: Like most cosmetic products, various fragrances are added to soaps to hide the smell of the raw materials in the soaps.

Sometimes these substances cause allergies.

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