Cleaner Thinner Is the Main Material that Makes Up the Universe

How to dilute acrylic paint with water?

As you know, acrylic paint is diluted with water, but the ratio of mixing acrylic paint with water is very important in the final result of your painting.
The ratio of mixing acrylic paint with water

The ratio of mixing acrylic paint with water is 4:1. This means that you need one liter of water to dilute four kilos of acrylic paint. In this way, we can say that a quarter of the size of your final acrylic paint should be water.

If your final acrylic paint is diluted too much, you will have trouble painting with a roller or brush, or the paint you apply on the surfaces will not have adequate coverage.

In addition, the working conditions of the surface as well as the material of the surface that you intend to paint also become important in the concentration and dilution of the paint.

For example, if your paint surface is concrete, your acrylic paint should be cleaner thinner , so you will need more water.


But if your surface is wood or metal, you can use a thicker color for painting.

What is plastic paint solvent?
The solvent and diluent of plastic paint is water, and the ratio of mixing plastic paint with water is such that you need 4 kg of water for every 10 kg of plastic paint.

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instant thinner
This type of thinner is made with different volatility degrees in the range of 8000 to 20000, of which 15000 and 20000 volatility grade thinners are made for all types of car paint.

Instant thinner is lipophilic and this feature causes skin corrosion in case of direct contact and its penetration into the skin. The combination of instant thinner and wood color is also used to paint wooden surfaces.

Oil thinner (alkyd)
Oil thinner is made of hydrocarbon solvents. It is used for oil paints (usually with a ratio of 0.5 times). This thinner has special features.

For example, the color of this thinner is white. Also, its ignition point is higher than cellulose thinner and it dries later.

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