Cleaning the Glass with Vim Detergent Powder Prevents it from Steaming

What is the difference between washing powder and washing liquid?
Vim detergent powder contains a substance called bleach, which makes the powder have more cleaning and stain removal power than washing liquid.

The liquid has a weaker composition and is recommended for colored and sensitive clothes.

Of course, non-bleached powders are also a good choice for washing colored and sensitive clothes, because they do not damage the fabric fibers.

Powders contain alkyl benzene sulfonate and remove tough stains such as dirt, mud, and oil stains. Compared to liquids, they have a longer expiration date and save time and money.

They are also more environmentally friendly due to paper packaging.

Detergent Powder

Washing machine powder for colored clothes
For children and respiratory patients, use unscented washing machine powder
To wash the clothes of children and respiratory patients, be sure to use unscented washing machine powder, because the essential oils and compounds in this material can cause sensitivity and allergies.

Of course, this essential oil can cause skin sensitivity and allergies in other people, if your skin gets red pimples, dry skin, itching and inflammation after wearing clothes, use odorless powders.

Odorless powders do not contain essential oils, odors, preservatives, and bleaching agents, so they are a good choice for sensitive skin.

Today, Iranian washing machine powder is available with different characteristics and high diversity. In terms of washing quality, these products are no less than foreign brands.

The amount of sodium chloride in Iranian powders has been minimized, which means that the enzymes work better and with a small amount of detergent, you can wash a lot of clothes.

Among the other advantages of using Iranian laundry powder, we can mention the cheap price due to the elimination of import costs, having environmentally friendly packaging and high washing quality without damaging the texture and color of clothes.

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