Discover Thousands of Tons of Uniwash Detergent Powder in Bd

Today, Uniwash detergent powder in Bd is known for their high cleaning power.

However, not knowing how to use detergents leads to many risks for a person.
Awareness of common dangers and diseases when using detergents can reduce exposure and, as a result, reduce damage to the body.

Usually, every year in the last days of the year, there are reports of poisoning with detergents, which are often caused by the wrong use of detergents.

According to last year’s reports, around 100 people were admitted to Luqman Hakim Hospital due to detergent poisoning in the days close to the New Year.
Many manufacturers of detergents claim that these materials are completely safe and this claim is not wrong.

But research shows that many detergents contain chemicals that can cause damage to the lungs, stomach, eyes, etc.

Some detergents contain hydrobutoxyethanol, which damages red blood cells.

Therefore, the use of detergents can cause serious damage to health and skin.
Acidic substances in detergents can slowly penetrate the skin and initially cause dry skin and create wounds on the surface of the skin and in the later stages, lead to eczema and dermatitis.

Another difference between washing machine and manual detergent is the presence of bleach in machine detergents.

Detergent Powder

These enzymes have high cleaning power and cause the stain to disappear from the fabric; Also, it prevents bacteria and pus from settling again on the fabric.

To remove old and dirty stains, it is better to use washing machine detergent; Because manual detergents are less effective than washing machine detergents.

It is better to choose the detergent according to the type of fabric and the level of dirtiness of the clothes in order to prevent damage to the fibers of the clothes.

For example, hand washers are a better option for washing silk clothes.

On the other hand, washing underwear with a washing machine causes germs to spread in the closed compartment of the machine.

Therefore, it is better to wash them using hand detergent.

Washing machine detergents are designed to match the rinsing power and capacity of the machine.

Using other detergents disturbs this balance and causes white spots on the clothes and shortens the life of the machine.

To better understand the difference between washing machine and manual detergent, it is better to get to know the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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