Discovery of the Largest Consignment of Artificial Leather in Pakistan Smuggling

What is synthetic leather? Synthetic leather, as its name suggests, is a leather fabric that is artificially made with plastic materials and looks similar to natural leather, with the difference that natural materials are not used in its structure.

Usually, artificial leather in Pakistan is used to produce leather products and goods such as furniture, office supplies, fabric leather for the production of car interiors, clothes and other types of consumer goods.

This means that no natural element is involved in the production of this type of leather, unlike natural leather, it is obtained by slaughtering animals.

Synthetic leather is also known as vegetable leather, but it is not obtained from animal skin and is prepared through industrial materials that do not harm the environment.

Artificial Leather

This type of leather has three main types:

PU leather (polyurethane)
PVC leather (polyvinyl chloride)
Microfiber leather
However, these 3 types of synthetic leather materials are not real leather, so they can be used for various products such as shoes, clothes, bags, furniture, etc.

What is PVC synthetic leather?
PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) artificial leather is made from various fabrics such as woven fabric, tricot fabric or non-woven fabric as the substrate, along with a layer of PVC foam on top.

The most common use of PVC synthetic leather in the clothing industry is the production of leather clothes, gloves, shoes, handbags, furniture covers and car seats, etc.

What is PU synthetic leather?
PU leather or (Polyurethane) is a type of synthetic leather in which Polyurethane (PolyUrethane) is stretched on an underlying layer, and the reason for its name is PU.

PU artificial leather was first invented and marketed for use in the artificial leather industry of shoes, but after some time changes were made in it to be used in the furniture and automobile industry.

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