Engineers Built Spaceships with Hollow Bricks in Banglades

The diameter of the 10-hole brick is between 5.1 and 5.2 cm, and as its name suggests, there are 10 holes on its surface.

The existence of these holes causes the rebar to be locked inside them.

This increases the building’s resistance to earthquakes.

When buying clay bricks, paying attention to its quality is of particular importance.

The higher the quality of the brick, the higher the price.

One of the types of bricks used in construction is Lefton brick.

Hollow bricks in Bangladesh are produced in red and yellow colors.

The dimensions of Lefton brick are 5x20x10. The price of this brick depends on its dimensions.

pressed brick
Pressed bricks are widely used in construction.

These bricks are made by hand and heated in brick kilns to be baked.

Pressed brick or traditional brick is used in the hardening stage of the building, and due to its high compressive strength, it is used in the construction of load-bearing walls, striking arches and separating blades.

The weight of this brick is about 2.5 kg and its price varies according to the amount of the order.

A quarter brick is a brick that is divided into two halves lengthwise.


Decorative brick
Decorative brick is an example of bricks that are widely used in interior design today.

There are different types of these bricks and you can choose and use suitable examples according to your personal taste.

One of the oldest types of bricks is the Kazakh brick, whose construction dates back to the Sassanid period.

Handmade Kazakh bricks are an example of traditional bricks that are made in a completely traditional way.

Plaque brick is an example of bricks that are included in the category of Kazakh bricks. Red Kazakh brick is also known as adobe brick.

Photo – Types of bricks and their use in building

Kazakh brick is available in different colors such as onion skin, red and blue and it is also produced in dimensions such as 20×2.5×5.5 or 20x10x5.5. The price of this brick is different according to the mentioned characteristics.

The production and construction of this brick takes place at a temperature of more than a thousand degrees.

This high temperature prevents the brick from becoming mushy.

Among the uses of this brick, we can mention the construction of tunnel walls.

Brick is one of the materials used in the facade of the building.

Since the exterior of the building is exposed to wind and rain and environmental factors, it is subject to damage.

Using nano coating on brick can prevent damage to it.

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