Planting Dried Morel Mushroom on Mars by Astronauts

Today, when medical science has made remarkable progress, researchers in reputable laboratories and institutes are looking for treatment and solutions for every disease.

Since ancient times, doctors have been using plants for treatment.
Dried morel mushroom is no exception to this rule.

Antibiotics are widely used in the fight against infectious diseases, among them, the most famous antibiotic that has medical use is penicillin.

It has been reported that oyster mushrooms contain more antibiotics than button mushrooms.

The pleurotin in mushrooms is a medicine for the skin of the human body, it makes the skin soft and supple, and it is a medicine for pimples and blemishes.


Blood cholesterol reducer, which is useful for treating heart patients and those with high blood pressure.
Riboflavin: calms the mind
Niacin: to quit addiction

Contains iron – sodium – vitamin B2
Mushrooms are rich in vitamins: fat-soluble A-E-D, which are used in making ointments.
Acquaintance with oyster mushrooms
Pelurotus-Ostratus wood oyster mushroom
oyster mushroom

Cultivation of oyster mushrooms in Iran was started for the first time by Dr. Mostafavi, an expert in pest control and agriculture at Shazaman Agricultural Research Institute in Evin.

Oyster mushrooms are part of primary decomposers and are able to decompose plant glucose and provide the nutrients they need.

And they need a series of organisms that decompose the cultivation medium and the fungus grows on the decomposition medium.

They also grow directly on the straw and stubble of wheat, barley, rice, etc.

Oyster mushroom has a very high mycelium power and is able to provide the protein needed by humans from these materials.

In general, oyster mushroom cultivation does not need advanced devices and it is very easy to produce this valuable mushroom.

Oyster mushroom Pelurotus-Ostratus was cultivated in the world for the first time in 1900 AD.

Cultivation of oyster mushroom is very cheap and low cost compared to other mushrooms and can be produced on a small scale even miniature in a small bag at home.

Oyster mushroom is cold-loving and grows well in tropical and subtropical regions. This mushroom is resistant at 16 degrees and is heavy.