Red Mango Fruit Strengthens Hearing

How to fertilize a mango tree: The use of chemical fertilizer should be done continuously every year after planting mango seedlings.

After planting, we should immediately give fertilizer to the seedlings, and in the following years, this work should be done again with the beginning of the rainy season.

Some experts recommend that for the first two or three years, fertilization should be done once a month.

The best fertilizers to improve growth after planting a red mango fruit are fertilizers that contain nitrogen, ammonium nitrate, calcium and potassium.

Mango fruit harvesting time:
Normally, fruit can be expected from 4 to 5 years after planting mangoes; After 8 years of time, the tree has reached maturity and its fruit is very high.

However, you will see the maximum yield in the 20th year.

The productivity of each tree depends on the quality of the seedlings and the maintenance of the tree throughout the year. The average number of fruits per tree is about 200 to 500.

After the flowering season of the tree begins, 6 after that it is time to harvest the fruit.


How to harvest and maintain mango trees:
To pick this fruit, he kept 5 to 10 cm of its tail (the branch attached to the fruit); Then, for transportation, this value is reduced to 2 cm.

To preserve the fruit, it must be washed to remove the poison left on it.

It is recommended that harvesting and folding be done just one day before the fruit fully ripens and then packed in a special carton. The ideal temperature for keeping fruit is about 9 degrees.

Uses and applications of mango seedlings:
Both the mango fruit and its leaves have many uses.

Its fruit is used more than anything else for food purposes, either raw, in the form of jam, cakes, sweets, or in the form of fruit juice. Even this fruit is used as a decoration.

Among its other uses, we can mention the use of perfumery and dyeing industry.

It should be mentioned that the lifespan of this tree is very long and reaches up to 300 years; Therefore, its cultivation can be very profitable even for several generations.