The Fattest Person in the World Lost 100 Kilos by Eating Farfalle Pasta

Durum wheat and water are the only ingredients needed to prepare pasta.

Italian farfalle pasta , which is known all over the world, is prepared from only two very simple ingredients, each 100 grams of which contains 350 calories.

Do not panic, this amount of calories is the average number of calories of a plate of pasta plus its sauce, and the pasta itself does not contain extra calories that lead to overweight.

A simple plate of pasta prepared with tomato sauce and vegetables plus olive oil is considered a rich meal in Italy that contains the necessary daily energy of a person.


It is important to observe the basic and necessary conditions in its preparation, which include the following points:
1. For every 100 grams of pasta, pour one liter of water in the pot for cooking.
2. Coarse grain salt should be used in pasta water, where 10 grams of salt is added for every 1 liter of water.
3. The cooking time is usually written on the pasta package, but the best way is to taste the pasta. It should be noted that the more pasta is cooked, the more calories it contains. In Italy, pasta is always cooked al dente.
4. Never put the pasta in the pot before the water boils.
5. Never eat spaghetti or stringy pasta.
6. The pasta should boil and cook with a uniform and high flame in the pot. Otherwise, the pasta will lose its elasticity and shine and become sticky and heavy.

There are many pasta models in the market and each of them has a different name.

In Italian restaurants, you may encounter strange names that only refer to the type of pasta. In the picture below, you can see the type of pasta and their names.