The First Sunlight Liquid Detergent Used in the Manufacture of Laptops

Are detergent additives harmful to our body?

Today’s society is witnessing the advancement of people’s awareness and attention to health and the environment, but one of the basic and important components of general well-being is often overlooked, and that is the house.

Many cleaners are toxic to the environment and families.

Advertisements have forced the belief that the only way to cleanse is to buy a bunch of expensive, colorful products, when that’s not the case.

Many toxic compounds can increase the level of toxins in the body over time.

Most of us have heard about biological Sunlight liquid detergent but we don’t know how they work.

According to research, detergents contain dozens of different chemicals, at least one of which may be toxic or dangerous, and the most dangerous thing is that the toxicity of any of these substances is not mentioned on the product label.

These products not only affect individual health, but also endanger public health and the environment.

Fragrances or essential oils are among the chemicals used in detergents that are made from synthetic materials, petroleum products or coal and are toxic and carcinogenic.

There are also natural essential oils, but due to their high cost, they are used less often.

Surfactants such as linear alkylbenzene sulfonates or LABS irritate the skin and eyes.

Stabilizers such as ethylene oxide in detergents cause eye, lung and even skin irritation.

Bleach, which may be used alone or in detergents, irritates the skin, eyes, and lungs, and when mixed with wastewater, can form toxic organic compounds that can lead to respiratory, liver, and kidney problems.

Liquid Detergent

However, no detergent is completely washed away and may be absorbed through the skin, mouth, and nose.

Detergents remaining in clothes or being absorbed into the skin can also cause skin irritation and hives or itching, liver problems, endocrine disorders, and hormonal problems.

We all want to have a healthy and clean home and environment and stay healthy.

This means cleanliness and being safe from fungi, germs, pests and preventing the spread of diseases and irreparable damage.

Today, you can see and buy thousands of solid and liquid soaps and detergents of any color and shape and with standard labels on the shelves of shops.

But we should not forget that these materials can be dangerous with all the help they give to cleanliness.

Therefore, one should be cautious in using them and consciously pay attention to this aspect.