The Full Room Carpet Can Make the Immune System Very Strong

The height of the bed in Kashan woven carpets is average, and the carpets of this region are mostly finely woven and delicate.

Previously, the colors of the carpets of this area were formed by sharp colors with high contrast; But nowadays, according to the customer’s taste and the taste of the market, soft colors are used in the texture of the carpets of this region.

The common patterns of Kashan rugs and carpets are mainly a combination of decorative patterns.

The colors in Kashan rugs and carpets can be limited to ivory, gray, brown and tobacco colors.

Qom carpet; A weave of elegance
The full room carpet weaving industry was first popular among the nomads and villagers of Qom; But gradually, due to the importance of this industry in trade, it spread among other parts of this province as well.

At first, Qom woven carpets entered the market with not very fine threads, but gradually, Qom artists with their ingenuity and taste began to weave very fine and regular carpets.


The elegance and regularity of Qom’s hand-woven carpets is such that it makes the viewer doubt that these carpets are machine-woven.

The cities of Qom, Tabriz and Kashan have the most popular Iranian handwoven carpets
The common designs of Qom carpets can be considered as Shah Abbasi’s tanraj, mahramat, mihrabi and shikargah.

The colors used in Qom woven carpets were initially limited to four to 6 colors, and over time, the range of colors used increased and now more than 40 different and distinct colors are used in the carpets of this region.

The most popular hand-woven Iranian carpets are considered to belong to the cities of Tabriz, Kashan and Qom; However, your personal criteria also determine which type of carpet is best for you according to the characteristics of the carpets and your taste.

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