The Genuine Leather Ladies Bag that NASA left on the Moon

Tote bag: In the 17th century, the word tote or tate was used to refer to carry.

The term was not popular until the 1900s, especially until 1944 when a textile company published the boat bag.

With the passage of time, the current shape of genuine leather ladies bag emerged due to gradual use and popularization of fashion. In the structure of this bag, two handles are used in parallel on both sides of the bag.

Strength and ease of carrying have increased the popularity of this bag.

The main purpose of designing TOTE bags is to use them for shopping, which can be a good companion on busy days. Most of these bags are made of thick fabrics and leather.

Satchel handbag: This bag has a rectangular structure and medium and large sizes.

The bag has detachable handles and straps that hang diagonally from the body. Also, according to its background, it was used to carry books and in academic and administrative environments.

Basically, there is a tab in the front of the bag that is used to open and close. For decades, satchel bags have been the go-to accessory for English students.

Oxford and Cambridge style satchel bags had simple features.

A tab was attached to the front of the bag, or various designs had one or two pockets on the front of the bag and a handle on top.

Some had two straps (two straps) that students used like a backpack.

Bags from side packs: It is a new and innovative style in the design of bag models that was presented by the Chanel brand in 2019. The structure of this bag is like a doshi bag with a chain-like surface.

These bags are connected to each other with the help of a belt and are worn on the shoulders from both sides. The dimensions of these bags can be small (mini) and larger, which can be worn at the same time.

People active in the field of fashion hope that this type of bag will influence the fashion and the new generation of bags.

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