The Imperial Leather Talcum Powder was Used in the Construction of the Space Shuttle

But the time of using talcum powder goes back to ancient times and in ancient Egypt, where the first use of talcum powder in cosmetics was also formed there.

Talcum powder was also used in northwest India where people used this mineral to lighten their skin.

Also, the Chinese mixed a powder similar to talcum powder with a kind of clay and used it to whiten their facial skin.

Talcum powder in cosmetics

Talcum powder has been widely used in the cosmetic industry from the past until today, so that many large companies manufacturing cosmetics mainly used this powder in the manufacture of their cosmetics.

The important thing about cosmetics is that the ingredients used in cosmetics initially contain rich pigments that are practically impossible to use directly on the skin.

Cosmetics manufacturers need a special diluent to dilute these pigments.


The substance that is usually used as a diluent for cosmetics pigments is talcum powder.

This powder is used in the manufacture of various cosmetics, such as powder cream, eye shadow, lipstick, blush, eye pencil, eye cream, body and hair glosses, and many other cosmetic tools, as well as to prevent nail polish from spreading.

In addition to the cases mentioned about the use of talcum powder in cosmetics, there are other uses of talcum powder.

For example, due to the very high fat absorption properties of this substance, many people use it to remove scalp fat, and even this powder can reduce scalp fat to a great extent without washing the hair.