The Spoilage Aldi’s Strawberry Jam, which Killed a Man by Eating it

The properties of strawberries are so many that you might never have imagined that this small and delicate fruit can bring this amount of miracles.

Although the beautiful aldi strawberry jam appearance of this fruit, its different taste, as well as its easy and effortless consumption, have caused this fruit to attract the attention of many fans.

but among these fans, children speak first. If we want to briefly mention the properties of strawberries, we must say that strawberries are recommended to reduce heart diseases and have medicinal properties due to the presence of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamin K, potassium, phosphorus, calcium.

vitamin C and fiber. Therefore, it makes the skin and hair healthy and can help to lose weight and improve digestion.

This fruit regulates blood sugar levels, increases the immune system and reduces cholesterol.
Wild strawberry

Wild strawberry
Wild strawberry is the forest strawberry. This plant gives flowers and fruits continuously all summer long, its seeds are bigger than normal strawberries and can be used for dry fruit production.

In traditional medicine, they believe that this plant has a higher nutritional value than greenhouse plants. Wild strawberry is considered effective in treating many skin diseases.

Wild strawberries are larger, sweeter, smoother than regular strawberries. It is also easier to grow.

Eating strawberries for pregnant women

Eating strawberries for pregnant women
Strawberries contain a compound called folate. Researchers have proven that folate consumption during pregnancy is of great importance and can eliminate neural tube defects in the baby and help the health of the expectant mother.

Therefore, doctors always pay special attention to the consumption of strawberries among the fruits and foods that pregnant mothers eat.

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