The Use of Disposable Plates in India, in the Automotive Industry

Characteristics of disposable vegetable containers

Disposable plates in India can be used in the microwave and are suitable for warm and hot foods.

Plant-based disposable containers have great flexibility and flexibility.

Unlike single-use plastic containers, they are degradable and decompose in the soil after 6 months at most, and their decomposition does not have any destructive effects on the environment.

The first condition of biodegradable plant-based disposable containers

Having approvals and national standards

Information including decomposition time, raw materials and the environment in which the decomposition process occurs.

Disposable Plates

Potato starch has the most properties in terms of polymer. But corn starch is used in Iran.

The reason is the large production of corn.

There are no restrictions in making vegetable disposable containers, and the variety of vegetable disposable containers is the same as plastic containers.

Plant polymers have no limitations in shaping and molding.

Pay attention to terms like: eco-friendly, green and eco-friendly.

These words cannot be checked with certain standards and definitions.

The word biodegradable is used especially for disposable vegetable containers.

Some products are degraded by sunlight and only when exposed to sunlight.

For example, polybags, which nowadays many magazines reach subscribers through these bags.

However, it cannot be guaranteed that these bags and these products will be exposed to sunlight.

The use of disposable containers has increased in Iran; Of course, the great desire to use disposable containers is not limited to our country, and it is interesting to know that many countries in the world are the major customers of this type of containers.

In order to be able to fully mention all the benefits and features of a good disposable container, it is necessary to examine why these containers are so popular among consumers before entering this discussion.

It is obvious that all the consumers of disposable dishes want to avoid the trouble of washing dishes and spend less money by purchasing this type of dishes.

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