The Use of Dried Tomato Powder in the Production of Famous Perfumes

One of the most popular new methods is drying tomatoes with a fruit drying machine, which is widely used in the home sector and especially in industrial production.

To dry tomatoes with a dryer, you pour some olive oil on the net of the tray so that the dried tomatoes do not stick to the net, and you arrange the sliced tomatoes on the tray with some distance and put the tray in the dryer and the temperature of the device is between 120 and Set to 130 degrees.

Using this method, after 8 to 12 hours, the tomatoes will be dried, and remove the trays from the machine and wait for half an hour to an hour until the dried tomatoes are completely cooled.

Now the dried tomato powder is ready and you can turn the dried tomato into tomato powder and enjoy using it.

After you have prepared the dried tomatoes and tomato powder, if you want to keep it for a long time, you can use the tomato powder in the coming months and prevent it from spoiling.

Dried Tomato Powder

You should put the tomato powder or dried tomatoes in a dry environment so that there is no moisture and the temperature is between 0 and 15 degrees and it is an environment where air and oxygen do not reach the dried tomatoes and tomato powder.

Therefore, the refrigerator environment is a very good environment for keeping this spice.

For storage, you should put dried tomatoes or tomato powder in a ziplock or nylon container with a door and close it completely so that no air gets into it, and then put the dried tomatoes or tomato powder in the refrigerator for 9 months.

You can use it in food for up to a year.

You can also freeze it, for this you need to put a container or package of dried tomatoes in the freezer.

One of the other ways to store dried tomatoes is to put some olive oil in a container, then put dried tomatoes and tomato powder in it, and then put the glass container in the refrigerator for a day, so that you can easily use it for three to six months.

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