The Use of Ecover Laundry Liquid in Improving Muscle Pain

To carry out a normal wash, it is enough to fill the main chamber of the ecover laundry liquid with powder, note that the amount of powder pouring into the washing machine depends on the amount of dirt, the fabric type and the volume of the clothes, of course, it is better when there is a lot of dirt rather than more Reduce the amount of powder, set the wash cycle to a longer setting.

The place where the powder is poured into the washing machine

The place where the powder is poured in the Japurdi washing machine can also cause questions for many consumers.

It should be noted that the largest Japurdi chamber, which is called II, is dedicated to pouring powder, so the first place we recommend is to put the powder in.


In addition, if you intend to do a quick washing process, you can also pour your powder into the small rinsing chamber.

How to pour softener into the washing machine
Many people use some softener in addition to powder or any other detergent in order for their clothes to have the best scent and softness; But how to use the softener liquid in the washing machine is a topic that we will discuss in this part of the video on how to use the detergent in the washing machine:

As you can see in the video of the IP team, there is a small compartment on the top and right side of the washing machine marked with the name Softener, this compartment is for laundry softener.


In addition, note that excessive use of softener may lead to staining of your clothes, for this reason, do not put more than the MAX line of softener in your washing machine.

In addition, some people, in response to the question of where to put the softener in the pot, claim that this liquid can be poured in the pot as well, but this does not apply to the softener and is only true in the case of washing powder and liquid.

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