The Use of Genuine Leather Per Meter, for Russian Soldiers

Genuine leather per meter is a material that transforms perishable skin into a stable, permanent and flexible natural material through the tanning process.

Milling cowhide
It is a type of cow leather that has a soft and dense surface.

The density of this leather causes less water to be absorbed into it.

This leather also has a compact core that is usually the same color as the top of the leather.

This type of leather is mostly used for making bags, furniture covers, and if it is thin, it is used for making clothes.

Self-colored cowhide
This type of leather has a porous surface and core (with many pores), which makes it not resistant to water and has high water absorption power.

This type of leather is usually available in the market in yellow, ocher, orange and brown colors.

Ocher color is the same as mustard color, which is obtained from the combination of yellow, white and brown colors.


This leather is mostly used in the preparation of gun butt covers, cartridge trains, horse saddles, as well as fuel art on leather.

vegetable goat leather (painting)
This type of leather, on which only the initial stages of dyeing are done, is not of very good quality.

This type of leather is mostly used for lining shoes and bags.

Of course, this type of leather is used in the art of painting on leather as well as calligraphy on leather.

This leather is available in the market in cream and ocher colors.

Sharang leather
Shrang is the name of a type of print (pattern) in the form of dots, which are mostly used for cowhides.

Nubuck cow leather

It is a type of cow leather with a velvety surface that is finely polished.

Ashbalt cow leather
This type of leather has a velvety surface like nubuck leather, but with less elegance.

This leather is obtained by laminating thick cow hides.

In fact, Ashbalt leather is made from the inner layer and the middle layer of cow leather.

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