The Use of Nano White Marble in Messi’s New House

The brand name Enyx (marble stones) is derived from the Greek word (Marmoros) which means shining, marble is a type of limestone mineral that is found with different color combinations.

These stone minerals contain minerals and because of this great diversity, they have many different colors, their basic characteristics are beautiful color and luster and stunning polish.

The ability of these types of stones is very high polishability and their stunning polish, and they are polished to such an extent that you can see your image in that polish.

It has been used in the interior and exterior of buildings since ancient times.

It is widely used in the interior of the building due to its great variety.

This beauty includes columns, floors, decorations, all dimensions of stairs, etc.

The presence of decorative nano white marble in large buildings and the use of marble statues have been one of the most beautiful and unique aspects of buildings from thousands of years ago until today.

Other types of marbles are compounds with green color.

This type of marbles is mostly used in blessed places in our country.


The very high attractiveness of green color conveys a warm and moist induced state to humans, so people experience a good inner feeling and a pleasant sense of satisfaction when they see this kind of beautiful green color.

Saber marble composition, which is also known in the dark green color category with the exclusive name of jade, due to the presence of dolomite minerals in the limestone composition and the composition of a small percentage of magnesium, this type of beautiful marble appears during thousands of years of high pressure.

In fact, marble stones have a very high resistance to direct sunlight, heat, cold and humidity, because the roots of these beautiful stones are limestone, on the other hand, they have little resistance to acid rain and gases.

Limestones are subjected to high heat and pressure for a very long time, and when the main ingredients are calcite, due to high pressure and temperature, they undergo transformation and turn into marble.

The presence of hot springs due to chemical interactions as well as calcite and limestone compounds can indicate the formation of marble and its various compounds such as travertine, terra onyx, marble and

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