Yellowing Shower Tray Was Installed in the President’s Bathroom


Among other important features of built-in ceiling showers, we can mention the network cartridge inside them.

Basically, the network cartridge is a plate that is present in the structure of all types of modern ceiling showers; which plays an important role in water distribution.

Basically, network cartridges have small and high-density ducts so that they can mix the air flow with the water flow and send it to the shower outlet nozzles.

The reason for this is saving water consumption and uniform water drop from the nozzles. It is recommended to read about faucet scaling.

What is the best built-in overhead shower?

Almar ceiling showers are made in Italy, and they have very high quality and durability.

They are produced in various dimensions and designs.

Anti-sediment nozzles are used in all Almar ceiling showers; They say that yellowing shower tray are equipped with Selfcleaning system.

The anti-sediment nozzles of Almar showers are made of PEX material with high flexibility; so that it can easily pass water sediment particles.

They also have excellent water distribution.

What is the price of almar ceiling headrest in Golzarhome store?

Due to the very high standards and quality of this popular Italian product, it is natural that its price is slightly higher than the price of similar products in Iranian market.

close up on head shower while running water

In addition, the provision of long-term warranty and after-sales services by Golzar can be a good justification for the high price of Almar built-in ceiling showers.

What is a built-in wall shower and what are its features?

Other types of modern showers can be called built-in wall showers.

The built-in wall shower is installed directly on the bathroom wall without the need for any additional accessories.

It is good to know that you do not have any special restrictions for installing this type of head shower!

That is, its installation does not require a certain height, like ceiling showers; And you are not going to install a false ceiling in the bathroom because of that.

To install it, it is enough to install the shower head at a suitable height and slightly higher than the height of the tallest person in the family.

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